Thursday, 2 April 2009


Decided it was about time to upload the photographic evidence of Munkey's escapades!

Sorry some of them are sideways. I have edited them in the Photobucket folder so that they are the right way up but for some reason it isn't propagating down to the embed code! If anyone has any thoughts please post 'em

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Blyk the free mobile phone network for 16-24 year olds

Hi Guys.

One of my friends at Uni is a member of the mobile phone network Blyk. The great thing about this network is it's free! You get £15 free credit a month to be used on sms, mms, calls and data. The catch is that you get a few adverts a month. These adverts however, are tailored to your tastes and interests and can even include money off coupons!

So, why isn't everyone on this network? Well joining is an invite only process. These invites are notoriously difficult to get hold of. You can get invites by asking someone already on the network to send you one. Sadly my friend is fresh out of invites for this month.

You may be asking, if it's so difficult to get invites why did you even bother blogging about it? Well, I spent some of my summer playing ARGs (Alternate Reality Games) these often require a bit of online detective work in order to solve puzzles. As a result of this I know a few useful google hacks which allow you to get very specific search results.

Blyk partners use special links to allow you to join Blyk without an invite. If you use some clever google hackery you can find this special non-coded join page. So without further ado:

Click here

The link you want is the 3rd result down. The URL should read something like numbers)

So now you've got no reason to pay for credit ever again!

(Your Welcome)

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Happy Birthday Me!

Yay! It was my birthday yesterday, I'm now the grand old age of 20! 2 decades! A 5th of a century! OK that makes me feel old. So how did I celebrate? I had a party with Munkey, Monkey and Biff. Monkey is my mum's monkey from her dashboard. And Biff is a rabbit from my childhood (he has a secret power!) So on with the photos:The cake was baked and decorated by me! It's topped with maltesers, chocolate buttons, minstrals, mini stars and smarties
The banner was made by my brother. A bigger version is below
This is Monkey. He's like Munkey's younger cousin
Here's a close-up of my banner. The bloke with the surfboard is called Shadow you can find out more about him by clicking here

Sunday, 3 August 2008


I can't guarantee how regular these updates will be. There will probably only happen when something interesting does! They will be more regular once the traveling starts after University but that's 3 years away!

Anyway. Took Munkey into work on Thursday for my Penultimate day at work YAY 6 weeks summer holiday! Only to have him Munkeynapped! I received my 1st ransom note along with a harrowing photocopy of Munkey: (Warning full size images are really HUGE)

So the hunt was on to find the munkeynapper before it was too late! Missing posters were produced and a reward offered:

A further ransom note was delivered in response to this poster:

And a clue was discovered in the form of the unfinished 2nd ransom note in the front office bin. This lead me to believe that the munkeynapper was a member of the office staff. With the noose closing on the culprit they decided to cut their losses and return Munkey.

So once home safe and sound Munkey decided to pig out on money nuts, beer and doughnuts! We've since discovered that the 3 in combination give Munkey the biggest hang-over imaginable! He now swears that he'll never drink again... Yeh right!

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Everybody's got something to hide, except for me and my Munkey

Some background

If any of you have read my other blogs, you will know that a generally use them as mini-websites like this one or to inform people on a subject like here but from now on I am a reformed blogger. This blog will simply be for fun.

The dream

In a few weeks I start at Plymouth university here in the UK. However since I spent my gap year working I'm already looking to the end of my 3rd year. I want to take some time out of working and learning because so far that's all I've done for the last 14 years of my life. I've never been a great fan of going abroad for a holiday when there is so much left of this country that I've never seen.

So my dream is that at the end of uni I will by a VW campervan and tour Britain in it with my new companion:
Introducing Munkey!
About Munkey

Munkey is 2'6" tall. He enjoys watching YouTube videos and learning about long words, so if you have any for him please email a link (if it's a YouTube video) or a definition (if its a long word) to The best long words and videos will be featured in this blog. In his spare time Munkey also likes to dismantle servers so if you find any technical gitches on this site its probably because he's been monkeying (sorry) around with the server.About me

I'm a keen environmentalist and conservationist from Plymouth. I'm a member of BTCV, MV, V, RSPB, DWT, The Plymouth Music Zone and TEMPO. I love playing the Sax and listening to music (live and recorded). I'm a Linux user and I'm happy to stay that way!