Sunday, 3 August 2008


I can't guarantee how regular these updates will be. There will probably only happen when something interesting does! They will be more regular once the traveling starts after University but that's 3 years away!

Anyway. Took Munkey into work on Thursday for my Penultimate day at work YAY 6 weeks summer holiday! Only to have him Munkeynapped! I received my 1st ransom note along with a harrowing photocopy of Munkey: (Warning full size images are really HUGE)

So the hunt was on to find the munkeynapper before it was too late! Missing posters were produced and a reward offered:

A further ransom note was delivered in response to this poster:

And a clue was discovered in the form of the unfinished 2nd ransom note in the front office bin. This lead me to believe that the munkeynapper was a member of the office staff. With the noose closing on the culprit they decided to cut their losses and return Munkey.

So once home safe and sound Munkey decided to pig out on money nuts, beer and doughnuts! We've since discovered that the 3 in combination give Munkey the biggest hang-over imaginable! He now swears that he'll never drink again... Yeh right!

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